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Providing clean American charging power when and where you need it!

On The Road

EV Charging USA is dedicated to increasing the number of EV Charging Stations available for electric vehicle owners to use to charge on the road.  Businesses, shopping malls and parking garages are just a few of the public access locations they are targeting, so you can get a fast charge wherever you go.


Do you want to charge faster at home?  EV Charging USA offers fast charging options for single family homes and multi-family housing structures. Charge 80% of a full charge in 30 minutes.  Great for families with busy driving schedules or that have multiple electric vehicles in the home.

Peace of Mind

As the demand for charging stations continues to grow, more charging station companies are turning to experts EV Charging USA for installation, maintenance and service contracts. EV Charging USA will provide electric vehicle owners peace of mind that when pulling up to an electric vehicle station, they will have the power to charge.

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